Sunday, January 01, 2006

FAQ (Fiona Answers Quickly)

  • Full Name: Fiona May Sturgeon
  • Birth Date: June 26, 2005
  • Birth Weight: 3 pounds, 10 oz (1.64 kg)
  • Birth Height: 14 inches (35.56 cm)
  • Current Weight (April 2009): It isn't polite to ask a lady her weight!
  • Current Height (April 2009): 3 foot nothin'
  • Favorite Toy (April 2009): Princess dolls
  • Favorite Food: Macaroni & Cheese (this hasn't changed!)
about the site: karyn and i are enthralled with our little girl, and we want you to feel the same way. daily fiona was created as a way of easily sharing pictures and videos of fiona to relatives, friends, and scoundrels who are interested in how she's doing. it also allows me to chronicle the events of fiona's life on the web and to experiment with neat web services like flickr, youtube, and feedburner.

about the authors: karyn is a pre-school teacher who likes good books, tea, afternoon naps, and making lists. kyle is a management consultant who likes baseball, long runs on shady atlanta streets, and the virginia cavaliers.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fiona, What do you look for in a guy?

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